QuickHeat™ Hose

Faster, more consistent heat to finish the job sooner. Over the course of 5 years, Carlisle assembled a team of industry leading engineers, experienced technicians, and business owners to engineer the future of the spray foam insulation industry.

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Finally, Heat In The Hose

We heard your frustrations and tackled three key issues facing spray operators: not enough DeltaT, warm-up takes too long, and hose durability.

100 Degrees

Faster, More Consistent Heat

Unique, embedded heater wires float in hose fluid stream achieving >100F DeltaT
Multi-zone design allows separate pre-heating of A & B materials

Real-Time System Control

Pressure and temperature data communicated and controlled within hose
Built-in optical indicators and bluetooth communication to keep operators in the know
Cut Costs

Cut Service Costs

Replace A & B side of hose independently
All electronics/sensors are fully potted for rugged terrain
  • Heating element in fluid drives higher DeltaT
  • Cut startup and reheating time by over 50%
Heating Element
  • Manage the pressure and temperature from the spray area with the IntelliSense remote
  • Independent A & B heat maximizes ratio accuracy
  • Fewer fluid and electrical connections improves reliability and eliminates common hose fail point
  • Re-useable, non-snagging scuff jacket for worry free operation and easy service

Product Specifications

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
2,250 psi (155 bar, 15.5 MPa)
Maximum Air Working Pressure
130 psi (8.96 bar, 0.896 MPa)
Maximum Temp
200°F (93.3°C)
Wetted Parts
Nylon, Viton, Delrin, Stainless Steel, Plated Steel
Fluid Connections
3/8" JIC 5 (A), 3/8" JIC 5 (B)
Hose Heat Power
240V AC
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Trusted By Sprayers

"Had the pleasure of using the new Carlisle rig today. Over all smoothest equipment I've ever used."
Stephan Cummings
Spray Foam Operator

Seeing is Believing

We’ve worked with sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and trusted experts. The results are clear: The IntelliSpray System is the best spray foam equipment on the market.

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