ST-1 Air Purge Spray Gun

Smoother patterns, more uptime, and better ergonomics for sprayers. Over the course of 5 years, Carlisle assembled a team of industry leading engineers, experienced technicians, and business owners to engineer the future of the spray foam insulation industry.

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Spraying Foam Just Got Easier

We heard your frustrations and tackled three key issues facing spray operators: pattern inconsistency, too much downtime, and sprayer fatigue.


Consistent spray patterns

Check valve eliminates fluid and material from entering the air passage
Quickly change tips and mix chamber to optimize flow and pattern width
Failure Points

Simple, Durable Design

Ultra Onyx coating improves gun body life and cleaning
Higher performance side seal increases gun life, uptime
10 Percent

Better Ergonomics

Award winning, balanced handle allows sprayers to spray longer
Swivel straps, handle winglets, and 10% lighter design reduce hand stress
  • ST-1 gun designed to provide more consistent patterns for faster spraying
  • Ultra Onyx coating improves gun body life makes clean-up a breeze
ST-1 Spray Foam Gun
  • Unique, integral check valve prevents crossover of material and fluid into the air passages
ST-1 Spray Foam Gun
  • Tip design reduces overspray build-up on the gun and keeps the sprayer spraying
  • Unique Ultra Life mix chamber and side seal interface for longer gun life
ST-1 Spray Foam Gun
  • Handle winglets reduces purlicue stress and helps operators maintain accuracy
  • Unique swivel allows strap to be changed from right to left and left to right quickly and easily
  • Simple, single tool service
ST-1 Spray Foam Gun

Product Specifications

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
3500 psi (24.1 MPa, 241 bar)
Minimum Air Inlet Pressure
70 psi (0.48 MPa, 4.8 bar)
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure
130 psi (0.9 MPa, 9 bar)
Maximum Fluid Temperature
200°F (93°C)
Air Inlet Size
1/4 NPT Quick Disconnect Nipple Inlet Size
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A Component (ISO)
5 JIC; 1/2-20
B Component (resin)
6 JIC; 9/16-18
UNF Weight (without manifold)
2.38 lb (1.08 kg)
Weight (with manifold)
3.1 lb (1.4 kg)
7.9 x 8.3 x 3.4 in (201 x 211 x 86 mm)

ST-1 Gun Assembly

Learn more about our ST-1 Spray Foam insulation gun with our Spray Foam Field Technician, Roger Brown. The gun is easy to assemble, built with the spray operator in mind.

Trusted By Sprayers

"Wow. Nice pattern... and it stays nice.”
Matt Offerdahl
Owner and Operator

Seeing is Believing

We’ve worked with sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and trusted experts. The results are clear: The IntelliSpray System is the best spray foam equipment on the market.

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