IntelliSpray Interface

The IS40 spray foam proportioner has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Over the last five years, Carlisle assembled a team of industry leading engineers, experienced technicians, and business owners to engineer the future of the spray foam insulation industry: the IntelliSpray.

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Simple, Intuitive Design

We heard your frustrations and tackled one of the key issues facing industry sprayers: the equipment requires too much expertise. IntelliSpray equipment reduces your dependency on system experts with an interface any sprayer can use.

On Demand

Training On Demand

Training is easy to access on the website, mobile app or main screen of the proportioner, so you can quickly answer questions in the field
Troubleshooting is powered by sensors, that tell the operator exactly where to find and how to address issues that arise

Intuitive Displays

The 15" brilliant touchscreen display is built like a phone app, so users can easily access the information they need from one screen
The simple pull down menu configuration ensures the operator needs to manage performance in one screen

Automated Procedures

Automated start-up, shut-down, and material changes are done by the machine, freeing you up to focus on more value added activities
IntelliSpray keeps track of all of the records of the job which allows you to spend more time applying foam
Our system works smarter and faster from start to finish
  • When issues arise, the interface tells you exactly where to find the problem, so you can get back to spraying quickly
  • Automatic yield calculators allow you to track and learn from your highest performing operators
Ratio assurance and protects your reputation from off-ratio equipment
  • When conditions change, adjust settings from the spray area, no need to go back to the rig to make adjustments
  • Interface includes:
  • Brilliant, 15” Touchscreen display​
  • Monitor and control the entire process from one screen​
  • Built-in Start-up, Maintenance and Job Tracking Procedures
  • Intuitive, pull-down menus for configuration
  • Built-in Job Reporting
  • Advanced Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Built in Recipe Management​
  • Built-in Optimization Tools​
Digital Interface

Trusted By Sprayers

"The machine told us exactly where the problem was. I knew right where to start looking and I'd never used it before..."
Stephan Cummings
Spray Foam Operator

Seeing is Believing

We’ve worked with sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and trusted experts. The results are clear: The IntelliSpray System is the best spray foam equipment on the market.

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