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Carlisle has reimagined the spray foam insulation machine with its new IntelliSpray system. Each component is built from the ground up for spray operators and rig owners to provide the high quality and advanced technology Carlisle is known for.

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IntelliSpray is a game changer for the spray foam insulation industry. Armed with extensive knowledge of the material and application, our team brought together proven industrial technology,  improved ergonomics, and cutting-edge automation to reinvent spray foam insulation equipment. The IS40 Proportioner, QuickHeat Hose, and ST-1 Air Purge Gun are the first of a new line of Carlisle spray foam insulation equipment to enhance and protect the rig-owners most valuable assets.

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Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is a global company which manufactures equipment for the supply and application of paints, coatings and sprayed materials. All of our brands are highly respected in their market sectors for quality in design and manufacture and the cutting edge technology inherent in their product range.

Our R&D Process

The team at Carlisle team started with those that have served in the industry for decades. Our engineering team spent more than 5,000 hours in the field on job sites personally spraying to identify and ensure that we were addressing the real issues.

We wanted to experience a day in the life of an owner and operator. With that we focused on a product that could maximize the owner’s ROI while enhancing their three most valuable assets: their reputation, rig, and time.

Seeing is Believing

We’ve worked with sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and trusted experts. The results are clear: The IntelliSpray System is the best spray foam equipment on the market.

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