IntelliSpray™ System

Whether you are a sole operator, have a small crew, or multiple rigs running daily, our spray foam insulation machine maximizes your most important asset: your reputation. The Carlisle Fluid Technologies® IntelliSpray reduces the risk of off-ratio jobs, is easy to operate, is built for durability, and helps you get jobs done faster.

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We Heard Your Frustrations

With over 5,000 hours in the field and decades of experience, we made sure we understood the issues and experience of installers. Working along-side contractors we began to understand some of the more common complaints for spray foam insulation machines:

We aren't sure we are on ratio
More heat, the equipment can't keep up
Stopping to repair the spray foam machine
Equipment requires too much expertise
“We need more heat… we are constantly slowing down to let the material heat up”
Roger Brown
Spray Foam Field Specialist

To Reimagine the Next Generation of Spray Foam Equipment

IntelliSpray IS40 Proportioner
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QuickHeat Hose
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ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun
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Protect Your Reputation, Edge Out Competition

Armed with our extensive knowledge of the material and application, our team paired state-of-the art mechanics and the latest in automation to reinvent spray foam application.  

Cut Labor & Material Costs

Under 15 minute warmup time
5-15% higher yields
Cut up to 1-1.5 hours of labor per job

True Ratio Control

Greater than 99% Ratio Accuracy
Independent pressure, flow, and temp control of A & B to gun
Remotely monitor your system via cellular modem

Smarter, More Durable Rig

Eliminate fail points from hose breakdown, to pump wear
Proven, industrial grade hardware for durability
Advanced diagnostics tell you where and how to fix issues
Modular service in minutes, from front of machine

Built For A Spray Operator

10% lighter gun, award winning ergonomic handle and strap
15” touch screen display
Cutting edge automation of procedures, maintenance, and reporting

About Carlisle Fluid Technologies

As a rig owner, making the switch to new equipment can be tough. We designed a premium system with a high ROI, so businesses can set themselves apart from the competition. Our team is here to walk you through our spray foam gun, spray foam hose, and proportioner to ensure the IntelliSpray system is right for you and your business.

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Seeing is Believing

We’ve worked with sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and trusted experts. The results are clear: The IntelliSpray System is the best spray foam equipment on the market.

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Set yourself apart from competitors with your new equipment

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Your reputation and success depend on the tools you use.
Cut Labor & Material Costs
True Ratio Control
Smarter, More Durable Rig
Built For Spray Operators